PABLO MILLÁN, Phd Architect

I Was lucky to be born in Porcuna (the old Obvlco), a town that surrounded me with inherited architectures and taught me the importance of the study of the past. From this arises my interest in the relationship between contemporary architecture and heritage and defines the subject matter of substance in all my research: the Space between the ruins.

I’ve been Living in Seville since I came to study Architecture. Thanks to a scholarship I went to the studio of Alberto Campo Baeza, where I found a teacher and where I learned the meaning of three fundamental words for an architect: PRECISION, LIGHT and REASON. With them I understood the transcendence that an architect has to look hard beauty.

Trying to find the genius loci that throughout the history of man has been conditioned its architecture, I came to Valparaiso (Chile) and, after being amazed by its beauty, I decided to write my doctoral thesis there.

I Understand architecture as the hard and serious work of an artisan who continually seeks new materials and new techniques and knowing perfectly the past is updated with a single purpose: make a space livable for man.


Phd Architect at the University of Seville with the thesis: Inhabit the cliff: The tenement as a promoter of a new architecture in the hills of Valparaiso, directed by doctors Alberto Campo Baeza and Luz Fernandez-Valderrama Aparicio.

Honorary assistant in the Department of projects architectural of the technical school Superior of architecture of the University of Seville.

Post-doctoral Fondecyt Researcher at the School of Architecture and Design at the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso.

Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture and Design at the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso.

Author of several books: to Inhabit the cliff; Utílitas, Fírmitas, Venustas; Or the recently published Craftsman’s logic.

Award for best academic record of the Caja de Arquitectos Foundation

Master’s Degree in Architecture and Historical Heritage

Master in Urban Management of the Latin American and Andalusian Heritage

Master in Social Management of the Habitat

Author of numerous projects in which they have joined the heritage research with a new architecture. Among them, it is worth mentioning the Rehabilitation of the Royal butchers of the 16TH century, in Porcuna (Jaén); The Rehabilitation of the convent complex of San Francisco de Estepa (Sevilla); The restoration of the ‘ Hermitage of San Marcos de Porcuna (Jaén) or, more recently, the Intervention in the Sacristy of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Regla in Chipiona (Cádiz). His work has been published in several national and international magazines. This is the highlight of recent articles in Wallpaper *, Casabella or Domus.

Pablo Millán has developed several patents, among which his impact on the patrimonial theme is the creation of Salt Filters for the conservation of archaeological remains. He Has Given lectures in numerous universities and organizations, highlighting the American Institute of Architects, the Council of Rectors of Valparaiso, the College of architects of Chile, the Sapienza in Rome or the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

The work in the conservation of the patrimony has led to research of a greater scale: the scale of city. These works have been the subject of several articles, including the recent publication in the magazine EURE, an Approximation to the study of the processes of transformation of historic cities. theming or historical Cities, a reality in tension in New Magazine of Politics Culture and Art.


Prize Foundation Caja of Architects.

Finalist COAS Awards for the Restoration of Ancient Royal butchers of the 16TH century of Porcuna.

Finalist 2A Europe Architecture Award 2017 with the Chapel in Martín de la Jara (Sevilla).

Winner of the Build Architecture Award in the Category: Best Heritage Restoration by the Chapel in Martín de la Jara (Sevilla).