19 February, 2018
4 March, 2017




Municipal Company Almería Turística


Pablo M. Millán Millán


Inmaculada Cervera (Architect)
Javier Serrano Terrones (Technical architect)
Javier Bengoa Díaz (Engineering)


Pablo-M. Millán Millán

Andalusia is full of impressive defensive towers, optical towers, beacon towers, military buildings scattered throughout the coastal geography, towers for the defense of the coasts, both on the Atlantic slope as in the Mediterranean, cylindrical, rectangular, square, hoof towers, Horseshoe towers, conical towers, circular towers, beacon towers of the coast, square prism, monuments of interest with a history and incalculable cultural value.

The Tower of San Miguel is one of these defensive towers located in a strategic place for the magnificent views of both Cabo de Gata on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other. Its location confers a privileged potential from which the entire territory of the Almeria coast can be perfectly explained. That is why the project we present intends, taking advantage of the place, to generate a route from which the tower can be explained from the territory and the territory from the tower, generating several MIRADORES with an elicoidal walkway that joins the current staircase.

A delicate white ramp, entangled in the tower, never touching it will be our project.

The building from the outside tries to show itself as Bernini’s staircase, a QUALIFIED RAMP that guides you all the way. This ramp, which will cross the perimeter wall, will take distance from the San Miguel tower in order to be able to observe it from outside and from within. In turn, this operation will generate the necessary spaces according to the program, spaces that become secondary and almost unnoticed with the curvature of the ramp itself and hidden behind the wall. At no time will the tower be touched with new constructions. It will remain exempt. With this project the tower will be more protagonist in the territory and in the Almeria landscape.

In short, the project we present will leave visitors absorbed by this WONDERFUL PLACE. His tour of the catwalk around the tower will resemble the beautiful engraving The Tower of Babel by Gustave Doré, in which the disconcerted Babylonians did not give credit for the magnificent construction.