1 September, 2020
19 February, 2019
Cooperativa de aceite_Mogón



Start date

Septiembre 2019

Finish date

In progress




Mogón (Villacarrillo). Jaén.


Pablo M. Millán Millán


F5 (Factoría 5)


Javier Serrano Terrones (Tecnical architect)
Javier Bengoa Díaz (Engineer)
Elena Jiménes (Architect)


Pablo-M. Millán Millán

“[…] Olive grove, by one hundred roads,

your olivitas will go

walking to a hundred mills.

They will already give

farm work

to gañanes and braceros,

Oh good dark fronts

under the wide hats!

Olive groves and olive groves,

forest and race,

field and square

from the faithful to the terroir

and to the plow and the mill,

of those who show the fist

to the target,

the blessed farmers

the bandit knights,

The lords

devotees and matuteros!
Cities and hamlets
on the banks of the rivers,
in the folds of the saw!
God come to homes
and to the souls of this earth
of olive groves and olive groves! ”

Antonio Machado

For a jiennense, to think about the project for an oil mill is to face its own genesis, its deepest reason for being. We are entrusted with analyzing facilities to propose a major renovation. From a meticulous knowledge of the current state of this cooperative we have developed, which in our opinion, are the three pillars on which we want to support the fundamental idea of ??the project:


“The entire SCA San Vicente staff consists of people committed to their work. Behind each post is a person whose goal is to contribute their grain of sand in a greater good. We all work to achieve business excellence in quality, food safety and customer service. ”

Transparency and openness: The new proposal aims to open the existing building to the environment by explicitly recognizing the uniqueness of the place where it is located.
A contemporary architecture: A new time, a new architecture. The proposal that we present opts for an architecture according to the time in which we find ourselves, a simple, sober, but forceful language, generating an own image.
Importance of the environment: The recognition of the importance of the environment by the cooperative evidences that the architecture made here cannot be the same as that made for another place. This context requires the specificity that demands to be located in the exceptional site of the door of the mountain range.


“For all farmers in Mogón (Jaén), taking care of our surroundings is a must. We want to conserve and maintain our natural environment for future generations. So you can enjoy these beautiful landscapes in the same conditions that we can enjoy today. We all develop sustainable and environmentally friendly farming techniques. ”

Social sustainability: The opening of facilities like these to society generates in itself a direct benefit, with the awareness, training and information of all visitors and an indirect benefit with the generation of a culture of the oil itself, a necessary culture in the sector . This social sustainability amply justifies the important effort involved in surgically opening the factory. Faced with this impact of a more formative nature, there is another one of an economic nature, such as the investment itself in the area of ??these resources and which, given the ease of implementation, can be developed by local people.
Environmental sustainability: The opening of the new building over the existing one allows an exercise of responsibility towards the environment, improving natural lighting and ventilation conditions. It is also expected that a solar collector plant can be located on the roof of the new bottling plant, thus improving the conditions of ecological footprint.
Economic sustainability: A modular and prefabricated architecture is chosen, which will allow us a significant improvement in commissioning with the consequent economic optimization. Likewise, an area for the expansion of the cooperative’s facilities is left, transforming the aesthetic investment into a structural and future investment.


“For a few years now, the Governing Council of our Cooperative, formed exclusively by cooperative farmer members, has made a strong commitment in the search for excellence in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.”

Brand image: The new image that is generated with the new facade aims to give the facilities a new brand. Given the impact of the structure in the middle in which it is located, due to its dimensions, it will clearly be a large porch with the “gate of the Villas”. The roundness and impact of such an intervention will allow the SCA. Saint Vincent show a new face, completely different, a face of innovation, technology and modernity.
Simplicity: The work that is intended to be carried out with this proposal does not cease to be a simple intervention, since it is a single constructive system that is developed, but which, when repeated to such a great extent, gives the whole a great solidity, simplicity and firmness. With the affirmation of the father of modern architecture Mies van der Rohe “Less is more” summarizes all the intervention raised. A simple structural porch will be the computer element of the entire present of the facilities and will propose an optimal option for the future.
Light: The proposed proposal generates new spaces open to light. The entrance hall, with a large skylight will be the element that will receive the entire visitor and will make this an innovative and modern space. If all this is joined by the option of white interiors, with limestone floors, white concrete … will result in areas of great luminosity and spatiality.