5 March, 2014
5 March, 2013

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Torre de la Plata. Seville

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Pablo M. Millán Millán Román Fernández Guixot José Luis Argüelles Hernández.

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Pablo-M. Millán Millán

The access to The ' fair space ' project has several access points to both the new building and the private public space it generates. By the street Santander has the access point rolled, which with a ride-cars registers the whole project in its vertical. This point will be very important, not only for the victualling of the ' shed ' but also for the loading and unloading of the expository elements and materials. Pedestrian access is dealt throughout the perimeter of the project. The main access that is the one that looks out to the street Santander makes possible the entrance to the upper square and from there to access to any point of the building. The Square pretends to be the meeting place of the whole. On the other hand the visitor can access directly to the ' patio ', free space located at the foot of the wall, from the same street, without having to cross the whole complex, by means of a public staircase located in the south end. This staircase allows access as well as direct exit. On the other hand can be accessed from the ' Pasaje Jose Maria del Rey ' through an opening made on the wall canvas, and that with a walkway will allow the visitor to access the ensemble in a privileged way. This opening will also use the alley of the passage that is currently little traveled. The canvas of the wall THE project recovers the canvas of wall, both in scale (recovering the vertical dimension of the structure) as in materiality (reposing the losses and correcting possible pathologies and conditions). The Wall is a value added to the project for everything that contributes to the whole and the uniqueness of a ' patio ' surrounded by the original walls. There is no other space in the whole city that allows visitors to enter a walled environment of such volume. This Recovery is also a commitment to the conservation of local heritage. To Be Able to open the original door that is preserved in this stretch of canvas of wall and the setting in value of the height of the Tower of the Silver, together with the parallel investigations that the team of archaeologists will carry out, is one of the added challenges that the execution of the project to wait. All the interventions of Internal Reform and as such the project ' Fair space ', are justified in the attempt to recompose the historical apple and the improvement of the relations of the sector with the rest of the urban space of the city, thus avoiding the degrading and inadequate uses, being determinations that this Special Protection Plan can adopt under article 21 (2) of the Spanish Historical Heritage Law 16/85. With the intervention that we raised in the project ' Space Fair ' we opted for a putting in value and material and visual recovery of the wall paintings that still remain. The Square The ' fair space ' project poses a semi-public square at street level. This Square has a strong tourist and unique potential, given that by maintaining the original dimension will be able to create a viewpoint of the entire canvas wall and the space recovered in the ' patio '. On the other hand the square generates a multipurpose space, since a part of it will be covered (by the upper construction) and another will be open. This area, open access and/or controlled will be a place especially dedicated to receptions, presentations, etc. Given the unique nature of the environment. Since the adjacent streets do not have public space with the necessary amplitude for the reception of visitors to the museum, the square will also be the place of landing of the same and meeting point to continue the visit. Thus This space will allow the wait while it is given access to the enclosure and since it is linked to the shop of the museum, the square will be the place of distension before the departure to the next place of the cultural itinerary by the city. The Walled Patio-open air auditorium One of the most important singularities of the ' Fair Space ' project is to be able to locate a ' patio ' surrounded all around its perimeter by the original canvases of the city wall. The importance of this scenario is not only in the context of the project, but especially at the level of understanding of the city, being therefore a necessary point in the tourist itinerary. The space that is delimited by the wall and the new construction define a characteristic space and with a personality of its own that will be used for the location of an auditorium in the open air. This use will allow the project to host from representations and projections to the use combined with the demands of the building itself, such as Open exhibition, terrace, etc. The Auditorium will be a space perfectly defined by the wall and the Torre de la Plata as a backdrop. This identity element of the city will be the icon to the complex. The simultaneous use of a fair and Congress center in the center of the city specializing in the fair of April and flamenco, combining its use with that of an outdoor auditorium, will allow the possibility of hosting any event format. The ' Fair space ' project with the walled patio aims primarily to remake the Apple in the broadest sense of the word, that is, to remake the empty space and public. The building that will be carried out with the present project, pretends to be a singular building, with its own character, that as every interpretative centre makes a link between the visitor and everything related to the preparation, development and enjoyment of the fair in all its Manifestations. 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