rehabilitacion access new Tower wall


Project: Study of pathologies and restoration of access to new Tower of Porcuna (Andalusia, Spain).
Location: Calle Modesto Ruiz de Quero, s/n. Porcuna (Andalusia, Spain)
Project date: January 2014
Architect: Pablo Manuel Millan Millan
Archaeologists: Rafael-A. Montilla, Pablo-J sack. Married Millán
Promoter: Ilustre Ayuntamiento de Porcuna (Jaén).


The project is planned as the intervention for the braking of the pathologies that currently affect the outer envelope of the retaining wall that gives access to the new Tower. Two types of pathologies that could qualify as serious have been detected:

Physical patholo

    gies: this type of failure in work refer to loss of material, bad behavior in the physical requirements and the deterioration due to misuse of the same. Thus the restoration object of this project have been detected: loss of mortars, loss of volume of stone items, oversized of elements that have led to the collapse, loss of stability by overloads and conditions arising from the collapse by retraction of fillings.

Chemical pathology

    : this type of pathologies are what make reference to those generated by exothermic chemical reactions (radiation, light-sensitive parasites, etc.) or endothermic (breaking the internal structure of building elements). In the restoration object of this project has detected the presence of plant parasitic agents, chemical reactions arising from poor quality stone or by reaction with elements of environmental pollution. Chemical decomposition caused by arenizaciones, black scab, peeling or filtered have caused the bad state of conservation above all in the areas located as wetlands (lower parts of the wall, peripheral areas to the flowerbeds, etc.).

The project is presented as a search for solutions to each one of the pathogens, both chemical and physical, through the incorporation of new elements physical and chemical treatment.