Quioscos in Puerta Jerez

Project: Installation of two kiosks in the gardens of the Cristina.
Location: Gardens of Cristina. Sevilla.
Project date: February 2013
Architects: Pablo Manuel Millán Millán, José Luis Argüelles Hernández and Román Fernández Guixot.


The intervention that is performed is projected taking into account both the surrounding elements, furniture such as buildings, unique elements as the metro entrance, supply the generation of 27, own pergola under which kiosks are located…

Develops in two rectangular pieces as the contest itself indicates, measures 6 x 11 meters located under the pergola in spaces clearly delimited by the preliminary draft of the GMU of Seville as a specification of the statement.

These pieces will be colour neutral, white on the top, for at the same time making a nod to the materiality of the source of the generation of 27, which is considered the hub of the pergola, either in its lower part of full glass. So they will be two perfect glass boxes on which dropped a white header. This will be supported on six pillars of square section.

Transparency will be complete since it will be all glass except the supporting elements. The part of the box containing the toilets harmonise with vinyl to give transparency but not views.

Since the metro entrance uses a similar compositional system, we have gone for a different materiality, achieved through superior facilities box, which materializes of white opaque material. Likewise gets integrated into the pergola with the play of the existing pillars of this and the verticality of the new pillars. The reason not to use steel and glass in exclusivity is obvious, we didn’t want to mimic an element existing in the area as it is the entrance to the subway.

Inside the kiosks continue to play with that element of transparency, since the box containing the wet core runs in white and with etched glass, simulating a transparency on all interior walls, including the front of the bar for the public.

With respect to the horizontal elements, these will run the clean as possible so that the encounter with the vertical not distorted the above idea.

Regarding facilities, conditioning machinery that we place on the roof of the toilets, is defined and calculated in the flat Deputy as well as the specific tabs. We locate the drive on the perimeter of the kiosk using a set of diffusers, thus preventing noise and vibration.

On the lighting system, we opted for a series of vertical cylindrical lamps, further intensifying the verticality of the entire space. Given that the current system of pergolas opted for a somewhat disjointed horizontality with the environment, kiosks we opt to verticality, feeling key so that a space is not a transit, but stay.